Industrial Chillers

Crystal Coast Mechanical knows how important it is to keep your Eastern North Carolina company or organization up and running—along with its processing-intense equipment. To be at its best, this equipment needs a process chiller that workings reliably at the optimum temperature to keep your equipment cool.

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to install and maintain critical, often delicate systems that require process chillers. Many Eastern NC companies and business rely on us to give their company the peace of mind that their equipment will work and perform at its best.
Process Chillers for Any Eastern NC Industry

Need an industrial process chiller? We will help you design a cooling system that perfectly meets your needs and budget. From high-density systems to more conventional cooling and air conditioning, we offer comprehensive process chiller solutions for many industries.

We can provide welding repair of carbon steel and stainless steel parts, as well as full complement of testing including pressure, magnaflux, and die penetrant. Additional services include assembly, plating, heat treating, grinding, polishing, and finishing.