DX Systems

DX stands for direct expansion. DX HVAC systems use a coil system to expand the refrigerant and cool the air. Outside air cools the refrigerant as it runs through a heat exchanger. A valve is used to stop the compressed gas before it reaches the cooling coil, then relieves some of its pressure, allowing it to expand and cool. The cool, liquified gas is then released into the indoor coil.

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to install and maintain critical, often delicate DX Systems. Many Coastal NC companies and businesses rely on us to give their company the peace of mind that their equipment will work and perform at its best.
Process Chillers for Any Eastern NC Industry

We can provide welding repair of carbon steel and stainless steel parts, as well as full complement of testing including pressure, magnaflux, and die penetrant. Additional services include assembly, plating, heat treating, grinding, polishing, and finishing.